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About The Owner 

I've appreciated every minute of my journey!

Sharpened in the South, Refined in the Pacific Northwest

     I grew up in South Memphis, Tennessee, where my childhood was Three 6 Mafia cassettes (The clean version because my mama didn't play that!), hour-long waits in Dixie Queen's line, trips to Libertyland, X-Cite, and Celebration Station and weekend shopping and ice skating at the Mall of Memphis. 

After experiencing the loss of my  grandmother, a volatile relationship, and the birth of my son, I relocated to Seattle, Washington  for a fresh start and for new experiences. In the seven years I spent in the Pacific Northwest,  I grew exponentially as an educator , doula, and activist, developed an appreciation of the South, and brought all of my knowledge and resources back to my hometown to promote change. I credit my Southern roots for the feminist, womanist, mother, doula, and activist that I am today. These days, I reside in the Parkway Village area of Memphis with my son, Hendrix (who we call 'Jimi') and our dogs, Jazz, Charmaine, and Roxanne, my Three 6 Mafia playlist is still in rotation, I still wait in line for an hour at Dixie Queen late at night,  and I will give you my sweet tea  and catfish with hot sauce when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. 

Feminist and Womanist Mother, Educator, Doula, and Writer

In between working full-time at a local social service agency, attending Parent Council meetings, watching PJ Masks marathons, and checking homework, I serve my community as a Full Spectrum Doula, Community Health Worker, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim's Advocate, Sexual Health Educator, Mental Health Peer Counselor, and Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Armed with coffee, donuts, quick-witted humor, and a southern drawl, I work to spread my feminist and womanist  gospel, inspire and support women, mothers, and parents and advance educational and reproductive equity, mental health awareness, and reproductive justice throughout the South.  

"Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political

and economic equality of the sexes,,"- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, in Flawless" by Beyonce 


"Womanism is necessary and important because it engages the intersections of race and gender more than current mainstream feminism...You can use multiple ideologies at once or claim more than one label to create an identity that is entirely your own."- Jenika McCryer, "My Feminism is Black, Intersectional, and Womanist- And I Refuse to Be Left Out of The Movement"

To learn more about me and my work, please visit!


Certified Full Spectrum Doula

Certified Domestic Violence Victim Advocate

Certified Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Certified Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Certified Mental Health Peer Counselor

Certified Community Health Worker

Certified Sexual Health Peer Educator 

Ordained Minister 

Bachelor of Arts in Education, Interdisciplinary Studies

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Certificate in Women's Leadership

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AmeriCorps Alumnae- Served three terms in education and non-profit sectors

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Feminist Camp Alumnae- Winter 2016, New York City, New York, and Fall 2016, Seattle, Washington

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Ordained Minister via Universal Life Church 

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"She fights and she sweats those sleepless nights. But she don't mind, she loves the grind."- Beyonce